The Morning Routine

The following performed in quick succession with 30sec rest periods between exercises, 3 circuits. Do each exercise by time (i.e. 30secs), not reps. Gradually increase time as body becomes more acquainted with routine.

  1. Crunches – Side to side, back does not touch floor for duration of exercise.
  2. Press-ups – Chest to floor, then full extension of arms (not locking in place).
  3. Squats – Legs parallel to floor, then to full extension (not locking in place).

Why should these be measured by time, and not a set number of repetitions?

Executing the exercises by time should encourage better technique, as the end goal is not determined by the speed at which you complete the routine, but by an unrelated constant. Therefore, you are not sacrificing technique to save time.

How hard should I work on this?

This is not intended to be the primary exercise routine, just something to get muscles working and blood flowing. It is more of a low-level exercise, the intention is NOT to leave you drained for the rest of the day.

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