On Working Hard, by Geoff Thompson

via http://darkwingchun.wordpress.com/

“Put in the work. More than anyone else. More than seems reasonable to a reasonable man. Invest what you earn into your own personal growth (Red Bull invests a third of all revenue into their own development), build a private library, it will become a personal armoury – purchase the very best that money can buy; it’s an investment that will return to you ten fold.

And stop making excuses as to why you can’t find the time, afford the fees, or get the permissions. Move heaven and earth to make the conditions right. Listen, the world does not care about your excuses. It cares (as Billy Connolly might say) not a jot. Believe me when I tell you that the minutes, hours and days will be abundant when you are fully committed, time and space will bend its self to a will that is infused with certainty.

If money (or lack of it) is the problem, then making more money is the solution; Rick Young posted letters to pay his fees, I swept floors, Chuck Norris made the tea on film sets; when you want something badly enough you will work like a demon to make the money, or you will work like ten demons to make the extra, but one way or another you will make the money shape. And if you don’t, if you can’t, then perhaps you don’t want it enough, because when you want it like a drowning man wants air, nothing will get in your way.

When you lack the first means to make a desirable end the universe is speaking to you, it is asking ‘how much do you really want this?’”

Geoff Thompson

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